Laser Fraxel

Esthetic medecine usage

The fractional laser Fraxel Dual revolutionized laser resurfacing. It corrects the signs of photoaging. More precisely, it attenuates brown spots and brightening melasmas (pregnancy masks). It unifies and rejuvenates the complexion while smoothing fine lines around the eyes and cheeks.
It also works on young skin with problems by fading acne scars and tightening dilated pores.

Finally it can improve pathological scars and stretch marks.

Laser effects

The Fraxel laser stimulates deep cellular regeneration, while allowing the epidermis to renew itself on the surface. The laser is split into a multitude of beams to deliver microscopic impacts deep within the dermis.


The treatment is designed to treat a certain amount of the skin surface leaving intact areas that will allow the regeneration process. Each session covers about 25% of the treated area.

After a treatment session, the skin can sometimes be red or even tanned and bloated. Then it will eventually peel the following days.

It is possible that the patient undergoes a social eviction of a few days, the time that the skin peels and regenerates. The magnitude and duration of the healing process depends on the intensity of the treatment (superficial or deep) and the own healing capacity of the skin of each person.

A complete treatment is about 4 to 6 sessions spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart.